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The project started more than twenty years ago, when the owner Stefano Sincini, after falling in love with the landscapes of Maremma during his studies in Siena, set the goal to build something unique, preserving the beauty of the territory.
That is how Tenuta Pianirossi was born. It is a perfect place to relax and get in touch with nature.
Enjoy a unique experience surrounded by the Tuscan hills, get spoiled with local homemade food and our wines, characterized by an iconic Tuscan personality
In the vineyard every process is carried by our long experienced winegrowers and an organic production method is used to respect the environment and carefully protect it for future generations. 
In the wine cellar the attention to details and the accuracy for the execution, obtained by mixing traditional and modern techniques, enhance every step of the fermentation up to the final product.
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The Tenuta Pianirossi is surrounded by 25 hectares of land, of which 14 are vineyard.
Our Boutique Hotel is characterized by our own wine production cellar.
It is a very unique place, perfect to enjoy a vacation free from noise and pollution


From the interiors to the selected cultivation methods, everything has been thought in respect of the environment. 
There is no electrosmog, in fact, when the circuit is disabled, no magnetic field is released into the bedrooms. 
All interiors have excellent insulation, obtained by using recycled materials. 
Hot water is generated from solar panels, located on top of the wine cellar.
In 2014, a solar powered system was installed with the purpose to fuel the wine making and aging cellar and the air-conditioning system for the boutique hotel.
All the fabrics used in the apartments are from Tensira, a brand based in Guinea where, from the beginning to the end, every product is made respecting sustainability criteria.
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