Have a tasty holiday
Have a tasty holiday

Flavors at your TABLE

Take a seat at our table and enjoy the authentic flavors from the Maremma Toscana tradition.
The spacious salon and the terrace, both frame perfectly the Km0 dishes that we will suggest to you.
We select high-quality meat and cheeses from local farmers.
Seasonal Fruits, vegetables, honey and jam are also selected from organic local farmers.
On top of that, in the past few years, we started producing ourselves some seasonal vegetables in our organic vegetable garden.

Only seasonal INGREDIENTS

We respect the natural cycle of nature. For this reason, our menu follows the seasonal offer.
Depending on which month you will come to visit us, you will find different tastes and flavors at our table.
The cheeses and meats are produced with care and attention to the animals’ well-being from local farmers.
That is the reason why, we choose quality over quantity.
All the animals, aimed for meat or cheese production, are cared and monitored with respect for their life: they are able to graze outdoor, eat healthy, to guarantee that the food is free of harmful substances.
The well-being of the animals becomes our well-being.
Our wine will be the delightful surprise for your palate to accompany every dish.
Thanks to the fine characteristics of the soil, worked with an organic method, we obtain our refined wine.
With the expert guidance of Julien Viaud, one of the most important enologist worldwide, we start the process to deliver the best of Pianirossi into the bottles.


At Tenuta Pianirossi it is possible to taste the Maremma tradition directly in your plate. Freshness, quality and care for the ingredients make every dish a journey to discover the Tuscan Maremma flavors.
Our restaurant can host up to 40 people, but do not worry: you can also book for bigger groups and we will think about the catering.
The Tenuta is also the perfect place for business and private events.
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